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NEW VR/AR Global Syncs: Happy Hour & Fireside Chats in Virtual Spaces


VR/AR Association is a global community of the best minds in virtual and augmented reality with over 70 Chapters in major cities around the world. In celebration of our growing community, we are extending our events to the multiverse! 

Meet with your local & global immersive community with new VR/AR Global Syncs in virtual spaces. You can attend these events and engage on your PC/Mac, mobile, or join us in-person with a VR/AR headset.


Starting August 1st, you can join our Happy Hour & Fireside Chats to discuss all things VR/AR and connect with people from across the globe. Every other week, a new city will have the opportunity to choose a topic and host the event where developers, creators, and enthusiasts can meet, engage, and further develop their most innovative ideas.

Network with members who share similar interests.

Today, immersive technology has infinite applications in industries like enterprise, education, health, human resources, gaming, and filmmaking. Whether you’re joining us in VR or on your PC/Mac, these events are an opportunity to meet other members who share your interests. In taking a placemaking approach by building an interactive environment, these events aim to foster healthy, open conversation and help members develop deeper connections with their peers.

Discuss the future of spatial computing and immersive technology.

Whether you’re in the field or aspiring to be, we’re all pioneers here. Join the conversation with people from different countries and languages to talk about VR/AR on a global level. These events bring together creators, developers, and enthusiasts of all levels of experience with one thing in common: their interest in immersive tech and spatial computing. This is where your conversations with fellow VR/ARA members can help spark new ideas, bring to light the potential challenges and innovations of this medium.

Mingle after the event with guests and city hosts

After every Fireside Chat, stick around for our 30-minute Happy Hour, where we’ll engage in group activities and mingle in virtual spaces. Happy Hour is your opportunity to network in a less formal atmosphere; it’s where business cards are exchanged and potential work collaborations are discussed. Meet your local chapter president, connect with industry leaders, founders, and VR/ARA members, and chat with guest speakers.

Do you know someone who’s a leader in the industry? Nominate them to speak at a Fireside Chat.