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Why so many Silicon Valley companies are moving to Vancouver


Why so many Silicon Valley companies are moving to Vancouver


Vancouver is the 2nd largest VR/AR ecosystem in the world, after Silicon Valley, with over 230 companies working in VR/AR! The VR/AR Association (VRARA) is proud to present the VR/AR Global Summit to be held in Vancouver, Canada on Nov 1-2, 2019. This is the 4th year of the show in Vancouver! 2019 Summit sponsor include Microsoft, Lenovo, Niantic, Viacom among others, with over 70+ Exhibitors, 120+ Speakers, and 1000+ executives from around the world. More info and tickets here

Why so many Silicon Valley companies are moving to Vancouver?

In the past 12 months, a concentration of Bay Area businesses have started looking north for new headquarters

by Kate Wilson

When Amazon announced its expansion into Vancouver in April 2018, an almost imperceptible shift happened in the local tech ecosystem. With the exclusion of Microsoft’s move into the city in 2016 to establish a two-floor, 750-person office, the technology landscape has been dominated almost entirely by small, 50-employee-or-less startups. While breakout local successes like Hootsuite, Avigilon, and Slack have made a name for themselves in Silicon Valley, few Bay Area companies and Seattle giants would have considered the locale to be a noteworthy tech hub.

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