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Exciting and unique exhibiting opportunities are available,
from various sizes of exhibiting booths to private meeting/demo rooms.

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Industry and brand Awareness

Within the VRARA, the thriving slack channel can produce enough information and leads to fuel a business - but you want numbers - So here they are. The Podcast reaches 5000+ weekly listeners, the association boasts 25,000 professional members, over 4200 companies registered, and has chapters in over 50 global cities that produce monthly events. Our social media has a 1M audience reach. Plainly,- if your business is immersive or utilizes immersive, the VRARA is the best way to reach the industry.

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Lead Generation

In Vancouver, you’ll join over 1200 industry leaders at our second year in this location. Our audience is driven by founders, executives, thought leaders, and businesses that rely on immersive tech for business. It’s a direct path to connect with industry decision makers without the clutter of an unfocused show or consumer-facing show. Get deals done with the best in the business.

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Evangelize - Educate > Workshop > Demo

A booth is a perfect place to start teaching. Make your product or service exponential by opening the doors to new developers, users, and use cases. Talk to our award-winning event production team to help you!

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Incentivized to produce results

Industry professionals and those either already using or planning to adopt immersive technologies are the main audience at VRARGS. Most attendees are here to make deals, grow their network, sell their services, source services, and products, hire top talent. Unlike bigger media production and content production shows, where immersive is an afterthought, VRARGS is where immersive business is done.

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The VRARA is built on networking - the Global Summit.

While we live in a digital world, it’s no secret that key face-to-face experiences shape our industry. See the faces you know and meet new allies, partners, friends. Get face time done at a world-class show while enjoying the world’s most beautiful cities.


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